"This is as pure and soulful as contemporary jazz music gets and if you like swinging jazz you are in for a real treat..."

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"These guys make feelin’ good feel good..."

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"Seemingly led by bass player Kent Miller, this group outing is the kind of smoking straight ahead jazz you just don’t come across much anymore. Solidly played with energy and vibes that just don’t quit, the only statement this set is making is that you should have a good  time. Fun and party music geared to generating a good time, this is perfect summer evening jazz, preferably enjoyed near water with something wet. A totally solid set that goes the distance."

Volume 39/Number 242

July 1, 2016


CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher

Copyright 2016 Midwest Record


"Kent Miller’s Contributions is a sideman’s dream, full of personality and effortless technique — it’s a full-frontal assault of jazz verve."

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"Kent Miller and company pull off this classic jazz sound with unpretentious dedication."

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"What you hear immediately from bassist Kent Miller's quartet is their fluency and propulsive, surely satisfying, button poppin,' finger-snappin' swing with both originals and standards that holds up extremely well with repeated listenings."

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"Minor Step is a beautiful recording rooted in the blues, but it is much more than that too. This is a Jazz recording made the old fashioned way, with a quartet comprising piano, saxophone and drums."

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