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Live Performances

Duos, Trios, Quartet, Quintet or Septet contact TNEK Jazz at

Live Streaming

For streaming live jazz performances and festivals contact

Live Interviews

Educating the story of Jazz through live interviews.  Conversations In Jazz is all about telling the stories of people who part of carrying on the traditions of jazz music and culture. Saxophonist Antonio Parker has taken the mantle of using his personality and platform to share the stories behind the music by interviewing jazz artists, educators, presenters, writers, promoters, historians, and lovers of jazz music and culture. As the musical host of Conversations in Jazz, Mr. Parker hopes to bring to light the stories that brings life to the music. To request a live interview that aligns with this initiative contact

Jazz Harmony Express

For students wanting to learn fresh approach to jazz harmony and theory purchase the Jazz Harmony Express by Jack Jackson at  Mr. Jackson a graduate of Berklee College, trained as a jazz drummer, jazz vibe player and orchestral percussionist.  Mr. Jackson became a music arranger for the US Air Force Band.

Resource Books

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Education through school and event lectures. Ronald E. Kearns is a retired band director and current record producer. He adjudicates and conducts clinics throughout the United States and Canada. He has published “Quick Reference for Band Directors”, “Recording Tips for Music Educators” and “Quick Reference for Band Directors that teach Orchestra”. Mr. Kearns received his B.S. degree in music education from Knoxville College and his master’s in Music Education from The Catholic University of America. He also received a certificate in music and dance from the University of east Africa. To purchase any of the resource books go to:

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